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They called me a Dirty Jew

Two Israeli Jews explain the gospel in Jerusalem like you've never heard before!

"The Forbidden Chapter" in the Tanakh

Book: They called me a Dirty Jew
Presentation & Book Signing Events

Sat 9/13/14 10:30-1:PM
A Parker Books
1488 Main St
Sarasota FL

Sat 9/20/14 1:00-3:PM
3 Sisters Tea
225 Miami Ave W #5
Venice FL (941)

Sat 9/27/14 1:00-3:PM
Coffee Cafe
101 Capri Isles Blvd
Venice FL

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Hei Dalet Gimmel Beit Alef
Yud Tet Chet Zayin Vav
Samech Nun Mem Lamed Kaf
Reish Kuf Tzadik Pei Ayin
Tav Shin