I was born in Poland, on October 22, 1950, in a small town called Tarnuv. My parents were concentration camp survivors. I have a brother who is one year younger than I, a beautiful, peaceful angel, very delicate and cherished by God Himself. His name is Shimon; mine is Yona. Those are not the names that we were given at birth but are the names of our grandparents who found their death in the gas chambers.

I’m still trying to understand how human ignorance can build up such intense hate. Many people died in the most horrifying ways when Adolf Hitler wished to create a superior race and failed. Nevertheless, hate is still celebrated in vacant hearts which are chained and imprisoned to the will of evil. If we do not know God and His Word, we are facing invisible danger. Therefore, it is necessary to be armed with a heavenly shield against Satan’s supernatural existence

Our Redeemer Jesus Christ is such a shield; we must accept the fact that without God there is no way to understand and calculate the difference because Satan with his lies looks very appealing and exciting, but most of all, irresistible!

My first memory is when I was about six or seven years old. My brother and I were playing on the street which was populated only by Jewish people, so we couldn’t hide our identity from the children that lived close by. For them and their parents, we were Hitler’s forgotten waste; therefore, persecuting us was dignified.