They call me the Dirty Jew


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We are in the prison of this world, not recognizing the lies of the enemy. We struggle for one more dollar, for one more pleasant amusement, or just one more of something that will bring us happiness and joyful peace, but most of all—acceptance. As I slid through life’s patterns in agony,  I ceased to recognize that struggle in myself.

The truth and the lie in my mind were as brothers, and in my confused state I did not recognize either. Therefore, even if we garnish the words with gold and precious stones and with a thousand more promises, without God, there is no understanding, and without Jesus Christ, there is no redemption.

There were times that I disregarded anything concerning God or the Bible, which I considered as a nice fairytale belonging to the weak and the ignorant. I was above that holy nonsense.

However there were moments when I allowed myself to gaze closely at the reflection of my soul, and there in the midst of dark shadows, the grace of God shone, inviting me peacefully to come back home.

I was lost and painfully lonely. I thirsted just for one drop of love in the empty recesses of my heart. I desperately missed something valuable that left me restless, along with the uncomfortable knowledge of the simple truth that there is a struggle in this world between good and evil.

Moreover, there came a day in the midst of dark emptiness that I placed myself on the scale of this life to choose God or the devil’s playground, and I choose to be born again. Touched by divine understanding and forgiveness, I felt great relief and tremendous peace. When I placed myself in God’s embrace, my soul cried with joy, realizing at that moment I was honored with the Master’s degree and was chosen to be His Ambassador!  Therefore I do have it all, and I have it on the highest Authority!

This truth of salvation, I wish, with all of my heart, to share with you. I pray that my story will bring peace and understanding, but most of all glory to God. I pray you will see and understand how God holds the heart of one such as I, in His Hand, and is restoring my soul every second of every day.

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